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Water Supply Survey

Water Supply Survey:

Water is life without water there is no life; water is the critical factor for the success of any project. This is often ignored or forgotten only to realize at a late stage and end-up paying a very heavy price in terms of money and more importantly, in project delays. Ensure that your project is insured against this risk. Based on the latest and cost-effective scientific technique GSI can advise on the following:

  • Best Under Groundwater Source in a given area to meet the water requirement (Quality & Quantity) of the project /factory /school /hospital /farm house/ individual house/ Industrial units.
  • Most suitable drilling technique, optimum depth, below ground level strata, appropriate dimensions, likely quality & quantity and possible interference with the existing source.
  • Design of Rain Water Harvesting structures.
  • On site drilling supervision, Geophysical Logging of boreholes to tap the exact aquifer zones.
  • Aquifer studies to calculate the Drawdown, Safe yield, Transmissivity, Specific capacity, Hydraulic Conductivity, Hydraulic Gradient, Storage Coefficient etc.
  • Using with Wenner/Schlumberger Configuration to calculate the Earth Resistivity (ERT) for the purpose of Installation of High tension Electric Substations. And to determine Earth Mat Resistance.
  • Physical, Chemical and Bacteriological analysis of water for the purpose of domestic, agriculture and industrial use.
  • GSI is a leading professional consultancy in the field of Geological and Geophysical services with specialization in ground water

Groundwater Related Services:

  • Selection of borewell / tubewell points for Industries, Farmers, Government & Individual domestic clients.
  • On site drilling supervision, drill logging, geological & geophysical logging of boreholes,
  • Pumpset selection, pumping / aquifer studies,
  • Turnkey services including assessment and proving of reserves for industrial projects, power projects and irrigation projects etc.
  • Turnkey Rural/ Urban Water Supply Programmes.
  • Complete consultancy services for location and construction of Ranny wells & ground water structures.

Other Services:

  • Chemical Analysis of Water & Soil & Effluents.
  • Feasibility study and design of water harvesting structures such as check-dams, percolation pits, trenches and shafts.